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The word "Yakei" is translated into English as "nightview". In this website, you can find many beautiful nightviews from around the world. But there is more to "Yakei" than just a nightview. You can find beautiful and romantic features coming out from each of them.

Why can we enjoy "Yakei" in Japan?

What is the making of such nightviews?

Japan is an island country, and you can find a mixed landscape of city zones, harbors and hills or mountains. So once you climb up a hill, you can find different scenes and different characteristics everywhere which makes "Yakei" more interesting and precious.

And it is safe at night in Japan, so you can enjoy "Yakei" from a park in a height. You can also drive up a mountain at the end of nowhere to enjoy such a scenery.

By now, I hope you have understood that "Yakei" is a not just a place where you want to visit, but a destination you would want to extend your visit.

But nightviews from famous places like the observatories of the Tokyo Tower or famous high buildings are not the only "Yakei" you can enjoy, but even a common nightview close to your house can also become a "Yakei".

I would like to introduce this wonderful word "Yakei" not just as an ordinary Japanese word, but a word which represent a wonderful aspect of the Japanese culture.